Johnson Controls Summerfest Stage Energy Savings Video

The Objective: Milwaukee’s Summerfest is arguably the world’s largest and greatest music festival. With a dozen music stages, thousands of lights, amps, sound monitors, and more, it demands a lot of power. Johnson Controls (JCI) is in the power business—energy-efficient and cost-effective power. Wind power. Solar power. Green power. JCI creates energy-efficient power and heating and cooling units.

Since JCI is a sponsor of one of the main music stages on the grounds, it took the opportunity to integrate its energy-saving technologies into the stage and informational tower. CDC was asked to work with JCI to highlight those technologies to festival patrons with illustrated videos.

The CDC Solution: An interface on the tower that rotated between the daily and upcoming band schedules, and videos that visually conveyed the many ways JCI and Summerfest employed innovative energy technology into their stage.

The Results: A steady flow of Summerfest attendees was seen (and caught on security cameras) watching the display on the JCI kiosk. It only goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to shout at the audience to gain its attention. A whisper and engaging videos will do the trick.


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