Whiteboard Video / Telestration

The antidote to PowerPoint fatigue.

Telestrations or whiteboard videos are a great way to share complex ideas with your clients and coworkers. We like to think of our telestration videos as an antidote to PowerPoint fatigue. CDC can work from a script that you provide or we can work with you to develop a script. With the approved script in hand, we begin sketching the storyboard and visual analogies. Once we have the storyboard looking just the way you like it, we move on to the drawing, filming, editing, voice-over integration and animation. We work in a variety of styles and enjoy a good analogy or animation challenge. Bring on your communication issues and we will run—or draw—circles around them.

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Cost-effective Storytelling.

Video is a cost-effective form of storytelling that allows you to demonstrate your product and service benefits in ways that photos and text cannot. CDC can work from a script that you provide or work with you to develop a script. We’ll integrate fixed images and video clips to maximize the assets you already have, and conduct photo and video shoots at your office, facility or installation to enhance your existing imagery. Video not only goes a long way in communicating your story but is an excellent search engine driver. In fact, Forrester Research found that web pages that integrate video are 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic, first-page ranking.

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Creating entertaining communications.

One thing that communicates even better than illustration is animation. CDC can work from photos or develop illustrations as a basis in creating entertaining communications to present your products or services. We have also developed animation in conjunction with our telestration videos for email marketing campaign landing pages and to spice up various presentation materials. Animation that is entertaining can also be viral. Our clients find that entertaining an audience spreads goodwill and brings back new audience members and opportunities.

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Virtual Tours

Put your audience in the driver seat.

360° high-definition virtual tours are an engaging way to highlight your products or environments in a new and interactive way. CDC’s 360° virtual tours allow users to experience your products in and around a facility or in an interior. The best thing about 360° virtual tours is that you put viewers in the driver’s seat, which allows them to navigate throughout the entire high-definition environment. Viewers can control which area they want to see as well as which details: flooring, ceiling, or side to side. It’s the closest thing to being there.

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