Quick updates of the work being produced at CDC.

Schroeder Business Solutions Website

Does your office space work for millennials? Catral Doyle recently completed and launched a new website for Schroeder Solutions, a leading-edge office solutions company in metro Milwaukee. Schroeder teamed up with Colliers International to fund the study My...

Tosa’s Night Out T-shirt for 2017

Catral Doyle recently completed development on a graphic for Tosa’s Night Out 2017 event.

This marks Catral Doyle creatives 19th year of involvement in supporting and producing the branding of the Tosa’s night out event.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Visit

CD Creative Co had the opportunity to work with Big Brothers, Big Sisters on a program called “Consider a Creative Career.” 15 “little” brothers and sisters along with their “big” counterparts came into the office where we talked about how we started our business and what we do here. Then we split the students into two groups. The first group worked with Ignacio on creating a whiteboard video.

St Francis Civic Center Historical Display

When the new civic center was built in 2014, the historical society wanted to find a way to display some of their artifacts so that citizens could enjoy them and appreciate their historic value—and the rotunda of the new center was the perfect place for such a display.

Kohler American Club bathroom 360º

We were asked by Kohler Company to create from existing photography. 360° high-definition virtual tours are an engaging way to highlight your products or environments in a new and interactive way. CDC’s 360° virtual tours allow users to experience your products in and around a facility or in an interior.

88Nine Radio Milwaukee, Responsive E-Newsletter

When Radio Milwaukee was looking to better leverage their content rich website and increase their visits, they decided to do revamp their existing e-newsletter in favor of a fully responsive experience. Based on web stats the station knew that their user base was increasingly checking emails and visiting their site through mobile devices.

88Nine Radio Milwaukee Exterior Neon signage

88Nine Radio Milwaukee now has large open channel neon signage illuminating the exterior of their Walkers Point building. We were happy to work with 88Nine to develop interior and exterior signage for their new building and we are ecstatic to announce the completion of the newest addition.

Synergy Technology Advisors Branding

When what you do for your customers is complex, branding and positioning are critical. CDC helped Synergy create clarity in their communications by renaming, rebranding and repositioning them. Previously named Synergy Solutions, the company had an uphill battle communicating what the company services were

Safe Routes To School Branding & Website

CDC developed the Safe Routes To School logo and recently launched the Safe Routes To School web site for the Wauwatosa School district. The program, logo and site are designed to inform and connect parents to routes and students who share a route to school with their own children.

Extract- All, Air Particulate Filtration Videos

CDC completed a series of Extract-All animation videos that demonstrate how their products clean the air you breathe. The new videos combine fixed images with product illustration and animation to demonstrate how each filter type traps particulates as the air flows through the air cleaners.

Tosa’s Night Out T-shirt for 2014

Catral Doyle recently completed development on a illustrative graphic for Tosa's Night Out 2014 event. This marks Catral Doyle creatives 16th year of involvement in supporting and producing the branding of the Tosa's night out event. Tosa’s Night Out is designed to...

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Web Site

As Royal Enfield corporate continues to unveil exciting new models, we have slowly been working on updating Royal Enfield’s US distributor web site. We had tackled the main home page a couple of years ago and we just finished reworking the models page.

88nine Radio Milwaukee fundraiser

We love 88nine radio Milwaukee and are happy to give them our support. They are preparing to move to a new building in the 3rd ward. We were asked to create a 12- page fund raising booklet. We are also developing a mini-site to increase on-line awareness for the new...

Tramon Williams Video

Tramon’s site needed to reflect his accomplishments as an athlete as well as highlighting Tramon as an outstanding candidate for sponsorship opportunities.