Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Every business needs leads.

We all know that having a funnel of leads dropping into our sales cycle is critical to keeping production and sales on track. CDC’s lead generation strategy focuses on two areas: existing clients and prospective clients. Each business also has unique opportunities and challenges to reach and engage their audiences, so we employ a variety of tools and communication vehicles to achieve their lead generation goals.

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Selling System (Print & Digital)

Don’t leave your sales success to chance.

Would you find value in a system that helps each of your business development staff sell like your best business development professional? Since cloning is still a few years off, let CDC develop a selling system for you. Our systems include lead generating tools, follow-up scripts, presentation materials, and print and digital support that make sure every key point is covered and all representatives have the best opportunity to win business.

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Email Marketing

Stay connected to your audience.

Successful e-marketing is more than competing for attention among flooded inboxes and avoiding spam filters. Those things are always a consideration, but if you are not integrating your e-marketing efforts, growing and segmenting your list, measuring, customizing and refining your communication, you are missing opportunities…and that is just to get the click. Post-click marketing is where you have your best opportunity to achieve conversion, to go viral and to engage your audience, so make the most of it. CDC’s process and creative campaigns have proven results. Let us prove it to you.

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3-D Mailers

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Among CDC’s most successful lead generation tools for prospective clients are 3-D mailers. Now, these are not your run-of-the-mill, oversized postcards; these mailers are designed to entertain and engage recipients. They need to be interesting enough to make recipients keep your branded object on their desk and cheer up their work space. Making people laugh is a great way to crack a gatekeeper’s protective shell and it definitely warms up your follow-up call.

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Print & Online Ads

Test and measure.

Print and online advertising can be very effective marketing tools, but if your presentation is not compelling, it will be ignored. If it is not benefit-driven and strategic, it won’t deliver to its potential. CDC will work with you to make sure that there is a compelling strategy and a way to effectively measure your advertising investments.

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