The best communications begin with Discovery.

CDC starts by learning about you—your brand • your product • your service • your competition • your attributes • your challenges • your opportunities • your audience’s needs, perceptions and what makes them tick. How? Through listening, reading, surfing and observing. Through interviews, surveys, focus groups, competitive analysis, secondary research and whatever methods fit the bill. We then document and analyze our findings, leading us to key insights that will direct what we do.

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Logo Development

It all begins here.

CDC believes a brand should be designed as if everything depends on it, because it does.

We find the relevant benefits of your offering, get to know the culture of your buyers, observe what your competition offers and then combine what we learn with what we know to create brands that work.


Tag Line Development

Support your logo and effectively position your business.

Combining a concise and benefit-driven tag line with your logo instantly communicates the purpose and attributes of your offering. CDC explores positioning language based on attributes and benefits uncovered in our discovery phase, and incorporates your tag line with your logo for a strong brand that speaks to your audience.

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Brand Extensions

Adding new offerings to well-established brands requires experience.

Do you have a well-established brand and need to add a new product, a sub-brand or communication tools that work with your existing marketing efforts? CDC has the experience to extend your brand into new territories and new media types while remaining true to it.

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Your product packaging can be the most effective marketing tool in your toolbox. View our work >

If your packaging is not compelling, it will be ignored. If it is not benefit-driven and strategic, it won’t deliver to its potential.

CDC has the experience to combine engaging messages, product features and visuals to connect with your audience and keep your products flying off the shelves. Our 3-D background translates to smart material selections and design solutions for every presentation of your product.

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